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Project Description

This project is to develop the next major version (Version 3.0) of the UN/CEFACT Data Type Catalogue. The 3.0 Catalogue defines a comprehensive set of allowed data types for use with the CCTS Version 3.0 specification.  It is backwards compatible to the 2.01 catalogue to the maximum extent practical notwithstanding design decisions that have been made to optimize the use of data types by CCTS users based on reported experiences.  The catalogue will be maintained through the normal DMR process. (Note - The 2.01 Catalogue is available here)

Project Leadership

Project Leader Serge Cayron
Project Editor Mark Crawford

3.0 Catalogue Working Page

The project working page contains confluence pages for each data type and is available here.

Approved ODP7 Version of the Catalogue

Specification....ODP7 of 29 September 2009

Draft ODP8 Version of the Catalogue

Current Working Version - Updated Oct. 17, 2011

Comment Logs

Please use this Comment Log to submit comments. Comments should be submitted to the Project Leader and Project Editor.

XML Representation

Zip file containing the XML Schema Files BDT, XBT and Code Lists that implement the Final ODP 8 version of the Data Type Catalogue

EDIFACT Representation

Other Syntax Representation  

Data Maintenance Request

Changes to the Data Type Catalogue will be accomplished by submission of a Data Maintenance Request Form.

 UN/CEFACT Data Type Catalogue Data Maintenance Request Form