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Project Description

The Data Type Catalogue project is responsible for the development and Maintenance of the data types necessary for defining the value domains for Basic Core Components and Basic Business Information Entities.  Its work is divided between a data type catalogue for the current version of CCTS as well as a data type catalogue for the next version of CCTS.

Project Leader Serge Cayron
Project Editor Mark Crawford

2.01 Catalogue

The CCTS 2.01 Data Type Catalogue defines the Core Component Type, Content Components, Supplementary Components. Primitives, and allowed restrictions as defined in CCTS 2.01.  It also includes normative expressions of the implicit data types from that specification and the normative expressions of those data types in XML and EDIFACT syntaxes as defined by separate specifications.  The catalogue will be maintained through the normal DMR process.

3.0 Catalogue

The 3.0 Data Type Cataloguedefines a comprehensive set of allowed data types for use with the CCTS Version 3.0 specification.  It is backwards compatible to the 2.01 catalogue to the maximum extent practical notwithstanding design decisions that have been made to optimize the use of data types by CCTS users based on reported experiences.  The catalogue will be maintained through the normal DMR process.

Data Maintenance Request

Changes to the Data Type Catalogue will be accomplished by submission of a Data Maintenance Request Form.