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Recently Updated
Apr 23
File Specification Conformance and interoperability of standards...
Apr 23
File Contribution_Questionnaire-CEFACTLibraryOutput-v20141205.pdf
File Presentation_LibraryReview-Input-20141028.pdf
Library Review
p1020 - Contacts And Members
Methodology and Technology - Project List
File Presentation_LibraryReview-Results-20150420.pdf
File Presentation_LibraryReview-Request4Input-20140409.pdf
Apr 22
Reutilization of Data from Utility Management Systems
File BRS-Documentation_EN_Part1.doc
Apr 21
Small scaled Lodging House Reservation Information Process
File 20130117RSMofSLHReservationProcess.docx
Re: P106 - Contacts And Members
All TBG 9 members participated.
Apr 21
File BRS-Documentation_EN_Part1.doc
File BRS-Documentation_EN_Part1.doc
Apr 20
Public-Private Partnerships in Trade Facilitation
File 300315 PPP-TF Rec draft0_10.pdf
Apr 19
Gianguglielmo Calvi
Apr 14
Recommendation for ensuring legally significant trusted...
File Vision_and_conceptual_approaches_31.03.2015.pdf
File Rec draft v.0.7 14.05.15.pdf
Apr 13
File Call 13APR15_notes.doc
Apr 13
Revision of Recommendation 4 on National Trade Facilitation...
File 150408 Rec4 revision draft_12.pdf
File Project meeting minutes 8 Apr 2015_conf call 8.pdf
Apr 07
File Call 07APR15_notes.doc
Mar 24
File 240315 PPP-TF Rec draft0_9.pdf
Mar 17
File Call 17MAR15_notes.doc
Mar 17
Mar 16
File TTP_Conf_call_4_summary_20_02_2015.pdf
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