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Recently Updated
Nov 16
p1018 - ODP 3 - Draft Development
File 16A_RSM_AAA_Journal_Daybook_v1.0.doc
File 16A_BRS_AAA_Journal_DayBook_v1.0.doc
26th Forum CEFACT, Marseille
Nov 05
p1029 - Contacts And Members
Update of Recommendation 1 on UN Layout Key for Trade Documents
Nov 04
Information note
File timeline.png
File journalbook.png
File droppedImage.png
Nov 03
Wanawit Ahkuputra
Oct 27
File Call 27OCT15_notes.doc
Oct 27
Supply Chain - Project List
Oct 26
File CCL15B CCL_27OCT15.zip
Oct 23
Recommendation for ensuring legally significant trusted...
File Rec draft v.0.93 23.10.15.pdf
Oct 20
File Call 20OCT15_notes.doc
File Call 13OCT15_notes.doc
Oct 12
File TTP_Conf_call_6_summary_02_10_2015.pdf
Oct 08
File CCL D15B Extreme QA.xls
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